IMG_0208The bumper was firstly thoroughly cleaned using hot soapy water and then dried, followed by the application of a slow degreaser to remove any wax, tar and any form of silicone product. Any Wax, tar or silicone residue would affect the entire finish of the repair. I then finish preparing the area by masking before I start the sanding process. After the area has been sanded down, any deep scratches or deep scuffs remaining get filled and the area is sanded down again in order to recreate the original shape.

IMG_0209The next step is to apply a plastic adhesive promoter. With two to three coats of plastic adhesive promoter applied and drying time allowed between coats, two to three coats of high build primer are then applied. Once the primer has cured the area is then ready for sanding down to create a smooth and a flat surface. The area is the thoroughly cleaned again with a slow degreaser to make sure no silicone is on the surface.

Once the area is cleaned and prepared with a tag cloth to ensure there is no dust or contamination on the surface, it is now ready to be painted. Around three to four coats of paint are applied but depending on the colour some may require seven to nine coats in order to gain an exact match and perfect finish.

Once the paint is dry it is then time to apply the protective topcoat of clear lacquer. Having allowed the lacquer to dry completely the whole area is then finished off with a polish. Hey presto the bumper is as good as new and the customer, very satisfied.


Car Repair Bumper scuffs, Paintwork Scratches & Minor dents – Audi A1
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