Mobile Car Repair Services

Cozmic Cosmetic pride our selves on the professional high-quality service and workmanship that we provide. Being a small independent car repair company we believe we can offer a more personal service to our customers at a fraction of body shop prices

Our car repair services include:

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Cozmic Cosmetic understands that when you purchase a set of alloy wheels you do this for a reason and therefore want to keep them in A1 condition. With our alloy wheel refurbishment service you can do just that…no need to worry when those parking mishaps occur, we can magic away scuffs and kerbed marks with our professional workmanship your wheels will be acid dipped and sandblasted to remove all of the existing print. Then they will be powder coated and go into the oven to finish off which is quick and cost-effective, resulting in pristine alloy wheels, just the way you purchased them – Car Repair Services and top of the art machinery

Paintwork Scratches

Scratches to paintwork are not only unsightly but if left untouched can not only decrease the value of your car but can lead to rust problems incurring you extra cost in the future. Cozmic Cosmetic repair paintwork scratches rapidly using a professional colour matching system and at a time which is convenient to you.Cozmic Cosmetic aim to repair paint work scratches and minor dents in just a few hours as we only have to repair the damaged surface area, saving time and money. Using our professional paint system, it enables us to match the manufacturers’ original paint code specification of your paintwork ensuring a guaranteed colour match every time. To ensure a perfect finish on all types of paint we finish off with Auto Glym refining products -Car Repair Services

Plastic welding

With Cozmic Cosmetic you don’t have to replace expensive plastic parts due to cracking, splitting or damage because we offer a cost-effective repair system that can be carried out using our specialist plastic welding techniques and it is ideal for bumpers and motorcycle fairing. Once this system has been used, a plastic welded item is very strong… far stronger than glue, adhesive, fibreglass or bonding. Cozmic Cosmetic do our best to help the environment and repairing plastic items is much more environmentally friendly than replacing them. You will be surprised at what we can fix and how much you can save by repairing instead of replacing – Car Repair Services

Full body buff, polish and wax.

Just want a quick, indulgent pick me up for your car? Then Cozmic cosmetic offer a full body buff, polish and wax service to do just this using top quality AutoGlym products. For a free quote please contact us – Car Repair Services

Bumper scuffs

Save Money and time with our bumper scuff removal service. We provide a guaranteed repair service within only a few hours. Repairing scuffs and scratches is easy, whilst ensuring colour and texture matching, using our professional paint system – Car Repair Services

Minor Dents

Minor dents can occur anywhere but most commonly and annoyingly in car parks. Although often hardly noticeable to some these can appear unsightly to those who are particular to keeping their vehicle in pristine condition. Cozmic Cosmetic repair minor dents in just a few hours and leave your car looking as good as new -Car Repair Services

Rust Treatment

Rust is a car’s worst enemy. Once a small speck of rust is present on the sheet metal of your car, it can eventually spread to entire body panels of the car. Rust attaches to the sheet metal and essentially causes the metal to rot and fall apart. Painting over rust does not get rid of it. Rust will continue to spread under the paint and rot the metal without you noticing, until it’s too late. At Cozmic cosmetic we can prevent this with our professional rust treatment service, removing the rust and repairing the affected area and finishing off with the use of our professional paint system; Rust treatment can usually be carried out in a few hours depending on the size of the affected area -Car Repair Services

Areas we cover:

We offer car repairs throughout, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire
Farnborough, Camberley, Woking, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Leatherhead, Epsom, Dorking, Reigate, Crawley, Horsham, West-Sussex, Haslemere, Cranliegh, Godalming, Guildford, Aldershot, Reading, Slough, Marlow and High Wycombe.
For other areas please Contact us.

Cozmic cosmetic offer affordable car repairs

Bumper scuffs, Paintwork Scratches, Minor dents, Plastic welding, Rust Treatment, Alloy wheel refurbishment, Full body buff, polish and wax.
We work with a top-quality professional paint system, matching accurately to your car and to give that lasting protection to your newly painted vehicle we recommend using Auto Glym products. We carry a selection of Auto glym products with us, if you wish to purchase any of these items at a lower cost than in the shops then please speak to your Cozmic Cosmetic technician who will be more than happy to advise.