Plastic welding procedure – Mercedes SLK350.

Having collected the car from the customer, I returned to my work base and began by prepping the area to be worked on.

Once this was complete I began by Fusing the plastic together and putting reinforcement mesh grill on the cracked area. This is done by pushing the mesh grill into the plastic and bonding the two together.

This process was then followed with filler in order to rebuild the area and then sanded down to ensure the original shape is restored.

Now time for the primer… between two and three coats will be applied in order to give the correct coverage. The area is then sanded down and degreased before having the correct colour match of paint sprayed on and finished with a coat of lacquer.

With the job complete, The car is then polished and buffed before being returned to the customer, Who was extremely happy and impressed with the standard of work and service received.

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